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Hypospadias in children

Hypospadias is a common childhood condition that can require medical treatment. Find out more about hypospadias in children and how it's treated here.

Balanitis in children

Balanitis (inflammation of the foreskin) is a common urological condition in children that can be easily treated. Find out more about balanitis treatment here.

Peanut allergy treatment with Palforzia

Our world-leading paediatric consultants offer children treatment for peanut allergies in the form of Palforzia. The treatment reduces severe allergic symptoms.

Children’s kidney transplant

A leading centre of excellence in paediatric kidney transplantation and care, putting children first.

Children’s food challenges

As part of our specialist children's allergy service we offer private food allergy challenges.

Children’s cardiac surgery

Our paediatric cardiac surgery service is committed to achieving optimal outcomes for your child. Find out more about the cardiac surgery options we offer.

Children’s cardiac imaging

Our paediatric cardiology service at Evelina London provides cardiac imaging services to diagnose and treat a wide range of children’s heart problems.

Sexual health

Private sexual health service led by expert gynaecologists at our London based Wimpole Street outpatients and diagnostic centre

Private cataract surgery

Private cataract treatments by top London ophthalmologists, specialist eye care for competitive prices.

Pelvic organ prolapse

If you are experiencing symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse our team of expert, private gynaecologists can help diagnose and devise a personalised treatment plan tailored for you.