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Hydronephrosis in children

Hydronephrosis can affect one or both of your child’s kidneys and is a condition that requires treatment. Learn more about hydronephrosis at Evelina London.

Kidney transplant surgery

Guy’s Hospital is a leading centre for kidney transplant surgery. A kidney transplant is a surgery that is performed to replace a diseased kidney with a healthy kidney from a donor. Find out more.

Hydrocele in children

Hydroceles are common in newborn boys, but can also occur in older children. Learn about treatment for hydrocele.

Caesarean section (C-section)

Deciding between a vaginal or caesarean section birth is tricky. But knowing more about C-sections can help you choose what’s suitable for you and your baby.

Mitrofanoff procedure and bladder augmentation in children

The Mitrofanoff procedure and bladder augmentation is for children with conditions that affect bladder capacity and pressure leading to discomfort, infection, leakage and kidney damage.

Circumcision in children

Circumcision is a simple surgical procedure that can be performed for several reasons. Learn about private circumcision at our hospitals.

UTIs in children

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are common in children. Learn about the symptoms of a UTI in infants and treatments available.

Umbilical hernia

Hernias are extremely common. Find out about the causes, symptoms and treatment of umbilical hernias.

Urinary incontinence in children

Urinary incontinence in children is a common condition. If your child is suffering from bladder issues such as bedwetting, our paediatric urologists can help.

Undescended testicles in children

Undescended testicles are a common childhood condition, but they may need medical treatment. Learn more about how a paediatric specialist could help your child.