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Psychoanalytic psychotherapy helps us better understand how we behave and what motivates us – including what is beyond our conscious control and rooted in our history.  Awareness and containment of what gets in our way support changes including reduced symptoms, greater peace of mind and more enjoyment in life.

You might be:

  • stressed or overwhelmed
  • feeling anxiety or panic, having difficulty concentrating or coping
  • living with a chronic or life-changing medical condition
  • assimilating trauma
  • experiencing a persistent sense of sadness, isolation, or rage
  • finding it hard to make and maintain relationships
  • enduring sexual problems
  • having bad dreams
  • suffering from low self-confidence resulting in reduced achievement
  • noticing long term difficulties following losses such as bereavement, divorce or retirement.

What to expect?

You will be offered an initial meeting of up to an hour and a half to form a picture of your reasons for coming and establish whether you are likely to benefit from this approach.  If so, we will agree a series of regular sessions.  If psychotherapy seems less likely to be helpful, alternatives will be discussed, including onward referral options.


Initial consultation:  £150

Further sessions:  £90

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E: katharine.moss@gstt.nhs.uk


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