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Gardasil wart vaccinations protect against the four major types of warts but are not available for heterosexual men or women over 18 on the NHS. We want you to have a healthy, infection-free sex life and offering this vaccine on a private basis is an immediate solution.

The Gardasil vaccine is given in three doses within six months.

After the first dose you’re asked to return at two months and six months to complete the course. Even if you’ve already had warts, it’s unlikely that you’ll be infected with all four major types – so we recommend this vaccination for everyone. The efficacy of this vaccine has been demonstrated in Australia where the school vaccine programme now includes boys.

Gardasil for heterosexual men and women

At present, the NHS doesn’t provide wart vaccinations for heterosexual men. We offer the vaccination to all men over 18. The NHS provides a free vaccine programme for girls aged 12 to 13. If you missed this and are 18 or over, we can provide you with a three-dose schedule. There’s no routine screening for the warts virus, so there’s no way of knowing if you or your partner/s have warts or are passing it on. To stop wart infection, and the possibility of associated cancers, we’ve decided to begin providing Gardasil privately and offering it to all .

Gardasil is an expensive vaccine. We’re providing it to you as competitively as possible and  our price for the full course of the original Gardasil (three vaccinations) is just £400.

Gardasil 9

Now we can also offer the new Gardasil 9 vaccination.

The original Gardasil protects against the four main types of wart virus. Gardasil 9 is a new formulation that protects against nine – giving extended immunity. Like the original Gardasil, it is given in three doses at two and six months after the first dose.

Please understand that neither vaccination protects against previous infection of the wart virus. Also, it is not possible to convert from a course of the original Gardasil to Gardasil 9.

We are offering Gardasil 9 for £465.

Email us at and we’ll call you to book an appointment and arrange payment over the phone with a credit or debit card. When you call, let us know whether you want to receive the original Gardasil or the new Gardasil 9.

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