Private pregnancy scans prices and packages

Our comprehensive ultrasound scanning packages range from early pregnancy/dating scans to growth scans, providing expert care tailored to you and your pregnancy.

Offering advanced scanning at all stages of pregnancy, our leading obstetricians and fetal medicine specialists guide and support you throughout your journey to parenthood.

Early pregnancy/Dating scan (8-11 weeks)

Early pregnancy scans/viability/dating ultrasound scans are the earliest scans available to newly pregnant women at 6 weeks gestation. They can be used to not only confirm a pregnancy but also establish gestation age and estimated due date.

Due to the early developmental stage of the fetus a heart beat may not yet be detected during this scan however, our fetal medicine specialists can confirm the number of fetuses present as well as identify any potential complications for preemptive treatment and monitoring. Early pregnancy scans can gives you piece of mind and early reassurance.

Fetal medicine specialist led scan: £200


Non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT)/Harmony test (from 10 weeks)

Non-invasive prenatal testing is the earliest available screening to determine chromosomal conditions in pregnancy. Prenatal screening involves harmony/SAFE tests, done prior to the first trimester scans, which are comprised of maternal blood tests that are analysed to determine the probability of your baby having conditions such as Down’s syndrome, Edwards’ syndrome or Patau’s syndrome.

Fetal medicine specialist led test: £470


First trimester screening/Nuchal translucency scan (11-14 weeks)

First trimester screening consists of a pregnancy ultrasound scan and maternal blood tests to identify potential health conditions that could affect you or your baby. Typically this scan takes place at 12 weeks, during which you will be able to listen to your baby’s heart beat and see their development. Included in the prenatal screening is a nuchal translucency scan used to detect chromosomal abnormalities such as Down’s syndrome, Edward’s syndrome and Patau’s syndrome.

Fetal medicine specialist led scan: £280


Early anomaly scan (14-18 weeks)

Early anomaly scans can provide expectant parents with a detailed screening of the mother and baby including amniotic fluid and placenta. This scan is primarily used for patients who have concerns and want to be reassured of the health of their baby. From 16 weeks, an early anomaly scan can also be used to confirm the sex of your baby.

Fetal medicine specialist led scan: £240


Fetal anomaly scan (18-23 weeks)

Usually taken at the mid point of pregnancy, 20 weeks, the fetal anomaly scan provides a comprehensive scan of baby including pregnancy structures such as placenta and overall growth to ensure your baby’s development is on track. Our specialists will take measurements to track for the remainder of the pregnancy and explain to you any findings. If not already established, this scan can also be used to determine the baby’s sex.

Fetal medicine specialist led scan: £260


Growth scan (24-42 weeks)

As one of the latter pregnancy scans, growth and wellbeing ultrasounds can be used from 24 weeks up to and past due date to map baby’s development and provide updates on growth. Your fetus’ growth will be tracked throughout your pregnancy so it is likely you’ll have multiple growth scans, at all of which our specialists can provide guidance and support.

Fetal medicine specialist led scan: £240


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We offer a complete service from before birth, throughout pregnancy and after delivery so you can be assured of continuity of care at every stage.

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We offer a range of tests and investigations in addition to our pregnancy scanning services.

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