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What our patients say

  • “Rapport with the children is amazing. Excellent feedback and information provided to parents. Friendly atmosphere.”
  • “Overall great service in terms of explaining the results of the various tests performed and also what will be required in the future.”
  • “Both clinicians were supportive and explained the process in a reassuring manner. My daughter and I had an excellent experience.”
  • “Games were superb. Colours were just great for my daughter’s testing. The rooms are clean and neat.”
  • “Lovely staff at reception. Toys all clean. Play area nicely set out.”
  • “Clear options for appointments. Good communication in letters home. Good facilities and clear test procedure clearly explained.”
  • “Great service from friendly reception to professional staff – look forward to next appointment.”
  • “Patient with children, especially those with needs. My son is autistic, yet patience and support saw him through his test. Thank you.”
  • “Involving me as a parent and giving me lots of information. Being very encouraging to my child.”
  • “Brilliant room and facilities. Good range of toys to occupy my daughter during the test. Kind staff.”
  • “The environment is amazing and really well catered for children with autism. Staff are very polite, professional and friendly.”

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