Payment options

Range of payment options

Our team will support you at every stage, whether you have private medical insurance, wish to pay for your own treatment or are coming to us through an embassy, third party or sponsor.

We have a number of payment options.

Private medical insurance

We have direct arrangements with many of the UK’s leading private medical insurers. If you have UK private health insurance, please tell us when you book and provide details of your insurance company and policy number.

It’s best to get pre-authorisation from your insurance company and confirmation from them that the treatment you are seeking is covered, so we can ensure everything is in place. Please check the terms and conditions of your policy and details on any exclusions or maximum benefits or limits.

Unfortunately, we do not work directly with insurers outside the UK. In these circumstances, you will be asked to pay for your treatment and then reclaim the cost from the insurance company.

Embassy or third-party sponsor

If your treatment is to be paid by a third party, such as an overseas embassy, we will need a letter of guarantee for payment. We will ask for this letter when you book, and it is required before your admission to hospital. The letter must state clearly that the embassy or sponsor will cover the total cost of care and make clear any exclusions to full payment.

Pay for your own treatment

If you are paying for your own treatment or your health cover is limited, the hospital can offer a fixed price package for a broad range of operations.

If a fixed price is not appropriate due to the complexity of the procedure, our reservations team can provide an estimate for the cost of treatment or surgery not included in package prices.

As a self-pay patient, you will be asked to pay in full before your admission. We accept credit and debit cards or bank transfer. We also accept cheques, but they need to be presented one week before admission.

If the final cost of treatment is lower than the deposit you paid, we will refund the difference in cost. The actual cost depends on length of stay, diagnostic tests and procedures carried out. Please note that the consultant’s and anaesthetist’s fees are often charged separately. You should discuss this with your healthcare consultant before admission.

If you would like further details on paying for your own treatment, please contact our reservations team on 020 7188 5197.

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