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Coronavirus update

Safety first as we resume private patient services

We are changing our procedures so we can safely resume private patient services for outpatients and inpatients as coronavirus restrictions are lifted.

Our phased plan begins with digital and face-to-face appointments for private outpatients at our Westminster Bridge Consulting Rooms. The facility is in a standalone building with its own entrance, which means patients won’t need to enter through the main building at St Thomas’ Hospital.

Safety is our prime concern and we’re working hard to safeguard patients and our colleagues. Staff will use personal protective equipment (PPE) in line with the Trust’s guidelines and according to the nature of the appointment. We have also installed a new Perspex screen between reception and the main waiting area as an extra precaution.

We’re also introducing a pre-screening call with outpatients, inpatients and those with planned elective surgery before they are given an outpatient appointment or admission. Pre-screening will help us to identify people at increased risk of severe illness from coronavirus and those who are extremely vulnerable and at the highest risk. We will take extra care to ensure the safety of these patients, including putting them first on the list for attendance whenever possible.

All patients attending the Westminster Bridge Consulting Rooms will be asked to observe social distancing guidance and will need to attend on their own. However, we can arrange for a digital consultation by video if you would prefer to have someone with you, such as an interpreter or a chaperone.

New safety measures are being introduced for patients having elective surgery including isolating before admission and after surgery.

The careful and safe treatment of patients remains our priority

Please continue to check the website for further updates.


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