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What our patients say

“I constantly receive excellent feedback from your patients – which, believe you me, is a rare occurrence from our guys as we are all incredibly hard to please.”
Fatima Fernandes, London Ambulance Service liaison

“It is comforting to know that my employees have a service to which they can be sent [and] whom I trust to deal with their injuries and wellbeing.”
Anonymous manager

“As a scientist I must admit I was initially very sceptical of physiotherapy, but I’m pleased to say that Faye’s knowledge and professionalism completely won me over.”

“It was really useful to discuss physiotherapy from a sports perspective. I play a number of different sports and so my rehab programme would be quite distinct from a more sedentary colleague with the same condition. But also, it was particularly helpful being able to have a conversation at the colleague level with Faye.”

“Thank you again – your support and service really is a great benefit to me personally and professionally.”
LAS liaison and client

“Great to meet you on Monday, Chris. Clearly you have an amazing amount of knowledge and explained things so I understood. 

 “I’m sure that the sessions I had with you helped hugely with the excellent result and just wanted to say a big ‘thank you, Chris’!”
Post hip replacement client

“My appointment was great, the session at the gym helped me to be a bit more motivated mentally and physically because of the atmosphere.

“Thank you for everything, there is no way I would have got around without your help.”
A successful client after the London Marathon

“You are a genius physio and your treatment has really made a difference to both of us over the years. Have also enjoyed knowing you and hope to keep in touch.”
A long-term client

“I had 1:1 hydrotherapy with Chris this afternoon and he was fantastic. A great teacher and very easy and fun to be with. I was really impressed with the knowledge he brought to the session and the amount that I managed to do under his supervision. Thank you, Chris!”

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