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Mr Simon Filson

Mr Simon Filson

MBBS FRCS (Plast.)

Consultant plastic surgeon

Specialises in children’s reconstructive and plastic surgery, with particular interests in paediatric facial reconstruction, vascular malformations and upper limb/chest wall reconstruction.


Mr Simon Filson is a consultant plastic surgeon and clinical lead of paediatric plastic surgery at Evelina London Children’s Hospital.  His patient’s safety, comfort and happiness are always the focus of his care.

After graduating with merit from the Faculty of Medicine at Newcastle Upon Tyne University, he trained surgically in the North East of England until 2011 when he moved to the renowned trauma centre, Rambam in Haifa, Israel. During his time in Israel, Mr Simon Filson performed various reconstructive surgeries of complex war injuries and burns from Syria, Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

As a result of his surgical work, patient care and junior doctor training, in 2014, he was recognised with the prestigious excellence award, “Oved Mitztayen”. He completed a years fellowship providing comprehensive paediatric plastic care at the SickKids Hospital, Toronto and then a microsurgical and breast reconstruction fellowship at Guy’s and St Thomas’.


  • Prominent ears.
  • Skin lesions, birthmarks and cysts.
  • Vascular malformations.
  • Gynaecomastia.
  • Scars.
  • Children’s hand surgery (extra fingers, fused fingers, trigger fingers etc).

Procedures/ treatments

  • Removal of moles, lesions, cysts, lipomas, warts and birthmarks.
  • Scar correction/revision.
  • Prominent ear correction.
  • Laser (all indications).
  • Gynaecomastia removal (excision/liposuction).

Special/ research interests

Mr Filson’s clinical interests are paediatric hypertrophic/keloid scar management and revision, children’s skin surgery, Bell’s palsy in children (facial palsy), ear reconstruction, Klinefelter’s and Gynaecomastia, tongue tie and children’s hand surgery.

Membership of professional bodies

  • General medical council.

Practice locations

Evelina London Children’s Hospital.

Language(s)English, Hebrew