World Glaucoma Week 6-12 March, 2022

This week marks World Glaucoma Week, raising awareness of one of the most common causes of preventable visual impairment. Caused by a build-up of fluid within the eye, if left untreated glaucoma can result in damage to the optic nerve, rising pressure inside the eye and ultimately severe loss of vision or even blindness.

Our private ophthalmology service is recognised worldwide for adopting the latest treatment options and leading the development of new surgical techniques. Home to internationally renowned consultant ophthalmologists supported by a multidisciplinary team of highly experienced specialist nurses, orthoptists, optometrists and technicians providing exceptional eye care.

Consultant eye surgeon and specialist in glaucoma treatment Mr Saurabh Goyal said “There are effective treatments available for any stage of glaucoma to prevent further vision loss and blindness. We see patients from around the world and offer innovative surgical procedures to treat the most advanced forms of glaucoma.”

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