Endometriosis is a condition that can affect women of any age, it can cause pelvic and more intense than normal period pain as well as problems conceiving. It is caused by abnormal tissue growth, where cells that should occur in the lining of the womb are found elsewhere in the body.

What are the symptoms of endometriosis?

The symptoms of endometriosis are different for each person. You may experience a range or not notice any, which is why it can be difficult for GPs to diagnose. The main ones noted are:

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms our team of expert gynaecologists can help diagnose and treat your condition.


Our world class consultants will conduct a full clinical examination, including asking questions about your medical history and listening to you about how you’re feeling. They may also recommend an ultrasound of the ovaries to check for ovarian cysts which can cause similar symptoms.

Depending on your condition, further investigative methods may be used like a laparoscopy. This is a surgical procedure that involves inserting a small camera to look in detail for signs of endometriosis.


Endometriosis can be treated both non-surgically and surgically. Your consultant will always explore the least invasive options available to treat you and your condition.

There isn’t a definitive cure for endometriosis. However, there are many treatments that can control symptoms and provide a high quality of life. These include:

  • prescribing pain killers
  • using contraceptive and hormone medication to extend the time between periods to allow your body to heal the affected areas
  • laparoscopic surgery to remove the endometriosis tissue
  • hysterectomy to remove all or part of the womb.

Our gynaecologists will discuss all options to find a treatment that suits you.

Period problems

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Keyhole surgery

A laparoscopy is a surgical treatment option for endometriosis, it can reduce symptom severity and improve fertility.

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Fertility services

Endometriosis can impact your fertility, if you're experiencing problems conceiving our fertility experts can help.

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