Donor treatments

Donor sperm

Treatment with donor sperm is available if you are heterosexual, a same sex couple or a single woman. It can be either carried out by intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in-vitro fertilisation (IVF/ICSI).

Sperm donors can be known or anonymous. Known donors might be friends or relatives who may wish to donate. We offer implications counselling to a known donor and their partner to ensure they are both comfortable with the process.

If you opt to use anonymous donors, we work with a number of independent sperm banks both abroad and in the UK. We will give you the list, as well as the information about ordering the samples you require.

Donor eggs

We offer donor eggs if the female partner does not produce eggs or has poor quality eggs. Partner sperm can be used to fertilise eggs donated by another woman. The resulting embryos are then placed in the recipient mother.

We treat women in good health up to the age of 50. There is a current shortage of egg donors throughout the country, but we work with egg donation agencies and known donors to find the best treatment option for you. All couples thinking about using donated sperm or eggs will receive counselling before treatment.

If you decide to have egg donation treatment abroad, we can help you by offering advice and liaising with the clinic.


Surrogacy refers to when another woman carries and gives birth to the child. It can be the only option for some couples, male partners or single people.

The decision to use surrogacy to have a child is a big step and requires serious thought from all involved. We understand surrogacy is a long process, and, as such, we offer all our surrogacy patients support throughout this time.

Associated donor organisations

We work with a selection of donor organisations and advise patients to explore their options and find an organisation that suits them.

IVF treatment

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IUI treatment

Intrauterine insemination treatment is an alternative and least invasive form of artificial insemination.

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