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Comfortable private accommodation with stunning views

You’ll experience outstanding facilities, including Westminster Bridge Consulting Rooms for private outpatients and dedicated ophthalmic operating theatres when required. Inpatients are admitted to our private patient ward on the 12th floor of St Thomas’, which enjoys panoramic views over the River Thames and its surrounding attractions.

We provide a range of diagnostic equipment including:

  • visual fields machines to determine your field of vision
  • optical coherence tomography (OCT) to view 3D images of both the front and the back of your eye including the retina
  • a Fundus camera to perform fluorescein angiography so see the blood vessels in the retina
  • ultrasound machines to view the eye
  • biometry machines to determine the correct lens power for patients requiring cataract surgery.

We also have specialist ophthalmic lasers to treat different conditions of the eye. Most laser treatments are done in an outpatient setting.

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