World-class care at competitive prices

The Westminster Maternity Suite has an outstanding reputation and a team of experts who are leaders in private maternity care. We pride ourselves on our competitive fees and giving private maternity patients exceptional care and support.

We offer a complete service from before birth, throughout pregnancy and after delivery so you can be assured of continuity of care at every stage. Safety is our top priority, and with consultant-led care, patients have the reassurance of outstanding clinical support, including paediatric and neonatal intensive care to cover every eventuality.

Our maternity packages

We offer comprehensive maternity packages. Our hospital charges and services included in the package are noted below. These do not include obstetrician, anaesthetist or neonatologist fees. Consultants’ fees vary and it is advisable to contact the consultant’s secretary for up to date prices.

Key: Included ✓ | Excluded £ | N/a: not applicable

Package prices excluding consultant fees’
Consultant-led natural deliveryConsultant-led caesarean section
Midwife assessment, booking and follow-up appointments
Routine pre-admission blood tests
Routine pre-section screeningN/a
Routine medication and dressings
Consultant-led hospital delivery
Individual one to one midwifery care and support during labour
Theatre feesN/a
Medication fees for anaesthesia and epidural analgesia
Anaesthetics interventioncirca £1,600 per anaesthetic interventioncirca £1,100 per anaesthetic intervention
Instrumental delivery (if you require ventouse or forceps delivery)N/a
Midwifery care throughout delivery and postnatal stay
Infant feeding support
Baby care throughout your stay
Initial physiotherapy session (30 minutes)
Private postnatal accommodation *One nightTwo nights
Partner accommodation
Celebratory afternoon tea
Access to the Maternity Notes Portal (useful information about your pregnancy and birth)
Consultant fees Billed by obstetrician and anaesthetists
ScansPlease see our fetal medicine price list
Newborn baby check £300 paid directly to paediatric consultant
Baby hearing checks £75, unless NHS eligible
Optional upgrades
Extra night stay (past midnight)£950
Extended physiotherapy session£50 per 10 minutes

*  Consultant-led caesarean postnatal accomodation includes up to two nights however, no refund is issued if you do not stay for the full two nights.

Antenatal and postnatal prices
Delayed discharge£100 per hour
Antenatal classesFour week online course £195 (see web page for more details)
Antenatal/Postnatal ward attendance up to 1 hour£100
Antenatal/Postnatal ward attendance up to 3 hours£300
Antenatal/ Postnatal ward attendance over 3 hours (day case)£800
Antenatal/Postnatal attendance overnight£950
Postnatal physiotherapy (including postnatal check and pelvic floor assessment)£150 per 30 minutes

Terms and conditions

Consultant fees are separate from hospital fees and are priced and invoiced independently. Approximate anaesthetist fees are £1,100 for delivery by caesarean-section and £1,600 for a natural delivery. Your anaesthetist with be able to provide further information about fees that may be applied.

A cancellation fee will occur for patients who undergo maternity services such as antenatal investigations and midwife appointments but do not proceed with delivery at the hospital. Any additional tests or services not included above are separately charged on the day of receiving.

Package prices reflect hospital charges only and are inclusive of VAT.

Prices are subject to change. Prices quoted are valid for 90 days.

Please note that the cost of treatment covers items listed in the package and that additional items will be charged extra.

If you are admitted for induction of labour or spontaneous labour, you will be charged for the admission on that day/night. This antenatal ward attendance is charged at £950 per night until the point of delivery.

Payment terms

We aim to make our prices as transparent as possible for our patients. Full payment of £5,995 (consultant-led natural delivery) or £7,250 (elective caesarean section) is required at 24 weeks of your pregnancy or on your first appointment after this milestone if you are self-funding.

Please note that the cost of treatment covers items listed in the package and that some items will be charged extra.

We are unable to accept payment by cash or cheque.  We accept payment via all major UK credit and debit cards. We regret we are unfortunately unable to accept payments by Diners Card. Card payments can be made using our online payment portal. Please quote your reference number and name when making payment.

Payment portal link

You will be emailed a receipt with confirmation of payment. Please ensure you forward this email to the private patient co-ordinator team at

After your initial consultation with your chosen consultant, please complete the booking form and return to our patient coordinators who will guide you through the next steps of your booking.

In the event of cancellation, a non-refundable £150 administrative fee is charged. If you cancel your booking following any antenatal investigations or midwife appointments, the cancellation fee is £800.

Insured patients

If you have private medical insurance, please contact our patient coordinators so we can advise on the billing procedure. Please be advised that we can only accept UK based Insurance and only if your policy covers 100% of the hospital fees. Items not included in your policy will need to be self-funded.

If your treatment is covered by private medical insurance, we will require your insurance details at least six weeks before intended admission. Details required include;

  • Company name
  • Membership number
  • Pre-authorisation code
  • Guarantee of Payment (GOP) which must specify the type of delivery and number of nights included (if either of these changes, a new GOP letter must be provided).

If insurance authorisation is not provided, you will be required to self-fund and claim back, if applicable.


NHS delivery – private bed package

If you are having your baby on the NHS at St Thomas’ Hospital, you can opt to stay in a dedicated private room on the Westminster Maternity Suite after delivering your baby.

The availability of this option would be dependent on our bed occupancy at the time of your delivery. The price per night stay is £950. Please contact us on 020 7188 3457 to discuss availability.

Pregnancy scanning

Our comprehensive scanning services offer the latest in private ultrasound scans and fetal medicine.

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Blood tests and investigations

We offer a range of blood tests, swabs and screenings to support you during your pregnancy.

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Antenatal classes

Led by our team of highly experienced private midwives, our online antenatal classes provide support for expectant parents.

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