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Westminster Maternity Suite Coronavirus update – May 2022

Your safety and that of our staff is our priority. Due to increased demand on the hospital because of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic we are having to make changes to our services. Please bear with us during this difficult time.

Our Westminster Maternity Suite is open and safe to attend. If you’ve been invited for an appointment, it’s important that you still come in.

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact the team on 020 7188 3457 or at 

Keeping you safe

In order to continue to treat patients as safety as possible, we would like to encourage all patients to follow the below guidance:

  • If you have had any COVID-19 symptoms in the past 14 days, or have been in contact with someone who has symptoms/ has tested positive for COVID-19, please do not attend your appointment and contact us to rearrange.
  • We encourage all patients to carry out a lateral flow test before coming into the Westminster Maternity Suite for an appointment or procedure.
  • If you are coming for a procedure, we encourage you to limit your social contact as much as possible in the time leading up to the maternity attendance.

In addition to the above, there are a number of ways we are keeping you safe including measures put in place to reduce the number of patients in the clinic through the use of telephone on video consultations and by increasing the time between appointments.

Thanks to the effectiveness of the vaccination programme, we are now in a position to make some changes to the infection prevention and control measures that are in place on our clinical sites.

We have removed the need for social distancing in most areas on our clinical sites, including corridors, most waiting areas and lifts. Please follow the new signage as you move through our sites, as physical distancing will remain in some areas to prevent the spread of respiratory diseases and protect our most vulnerable patients.

Staff, visitors and patients will continue to be required to wear face masks at all times while on site.

Changes to our visiting policy

The safety of our patients and our staff is our top priority, we will be screening all visitors upon arrival to the unit for any symptoms of infection. This is to help ensure the safety of you, your baby and our staff.

We will continue to provide you with high levels of clinical care and safety for you and your baby. Thank you for your cooperation.

Outpatient appointments

In order to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 and minimise the number of times you may need to come to the hospital, we plan to move outpatient appointments online.

This includes the midwifery appointment to enter your information onto our computer system and answer any pregnancy related questions. Your consultant will get in touch with you to arrange any face to face appointments which may be offered at St Thomas’ or an alternative location.

Labour and birth

If you are admitted in established labour, only one single partner/support person can be present and this person cannot swap during this time period. This will be the same person who can stay on the suite for the post natal period.

All birth partners will be asked to provide proof of a negative lateral flow test from the last 24 hours, for all unplanned admissions birth partners will have to undergo a lateral flow test conducted by the hospital midwives on admission.

For scheduled induction, including elective c-sections, partners are required to undertake a lateral flow test 24 hours prior to the admission date. Visitors will not be admitted if they have symptoms of COVID-19 or have tested positive within the last 10 days.

Antenatal and postnatal ward

We are currently restricting maternity visitors to one birth partner throughout the duration of your stay. Children are currently not allowed to visit.

Visitors are not permitted on the antenatal ward unless this is during the induction of labour phase.

On the postnatal ward your named visitor can be with you at all times apart from 8am to 10am, when we ask that they leave the ward for protected time.

Visitors must bring evidence of a negative lateral flow test result when they come to visit and this should be repeated every 3 days. No children should be attending including siblings.

Ultrasound scans and appointments

We still recommend as the patient you come alone to scans and appointments to reduce the risk and spread of COVID-19 however, if you would like your one partner/ support person to attend then they will need to bring evidence of a negative lateral flow test within 24 hours of the date of the appointment.

No children should be attending- this is a Trust wide policy.

We are continuously monitoring the national and local guidance to ensure safety for our women and staff and will update the website with any changes. Your help and support in achieving this is very much appreciated.

Information for visitors

In order for us to achieve social distancing, optimise safety and limit the potential transmission of COVID-19 between other visitors and the maternity team you will need to carefully follow the conditions below:

  • If you or anyone in the household is symptomatic or has been swabbed as COVID positive within the last 10 days, you will not be able to accompany your partner.
  • If your partner admitted to the ward is symptomatic or has been swabbed as COVID positive within the last 10 days, you will not be able to visit.
  • Visitors must wear a face mask at all times.
  • Upon entering the ward, please go straight to your partner’s bedside, draw the curtains around the bed and remain by bed space until leaving the ward.
  • Wash and/or gel hands upon entering and exiting the ward or clinical area.
  • Only use designated visitors toilets, preferably on the ground floor prior to coming up to the ward/clinical area.
  • No children permitted including siblings.

We thank you for your patience and understanding.

Contact us

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