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When you book to have your baby at The Westminster Maternity Suite, your maternity package includes one-off blood tests. Your consultant will advise if additional blood tests or investigations are required as part of your personalised care. Blood tests, swabs and investigation charges are noted below.

All women will require COVID-19 swabs prior to admission at a charge of £103 and every 72 hours will be swabbed at a charge of £55.

Pre-admission investigations included in the maternity package as one-off tests
Full blood count
Group and save
Hepatitis B

Additional tests:
COVID-19 test (required for all women delivering with us) £103, subsequent swabs £55
Liver profile£45
Random blood glucose£36
Coagulation studies£117
Glucose tolerance (OGTT)£120
Renal profile£60
Group and antibody screen £69
Anti D£60
Cervical screening:
Smear test£150

Please note, if you require additional blood tests, separate fees will be incurred.

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