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Your choice of birthing options

At the Westminster Maternity Suite we offer a range of birthing options tailored to our patients’ requirement. Our team of private consultants will go through the different options with you – ranging from a natural delivery, with or without an epidural, through to a caesarean section.

Normal birth

Normal birth is a vaginal birth that takes place naturally.
Your private maternity consultant and individual private midwife will help you achieve a normal birth. You will have a choice of pain relief, including an epidural.

Assisted birth

An assisted birth is when you may need additional support through your labour either by instrumental delivery such as ventouse or forceps.

Caesarean section

This is a surgical operation performed by your obstetric consultant. It is always performed in an operating theatre and the midwife, obstetrician and anaesthetist will be with you at all times.

For all types of birth you will always have a midwife, your consultant and your birthing partner with you. Your obstetrician will deliver your baby and an anaesthetist will be available should you require any additional pain relief.

All the team will be there to help you have your baby safely. Once your baby is born, you can usually see and hold your baby almost straight away.

For all types of birth:

  • you will always have a private consultant and midwife with you
  • you will always have discussions with your consultant and midwife, so that you understand what is happening.

We have a team of very experienced and dedicated obstetric consultants that are all independent practitioners. They all work in the hospital full-time, either undertaking NHS or private work. Your chosen obstetrician will support you throughout your pregnancy and you will be able to contact them directly if you have any concerns about any aspect of your care. Your obstetrician will arrange your hospital booking and offer an informed choice on all your birthing options.

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