If stress causes your condition to flare up, you’ll have experienced the inter-relationship of skin and mind.

Skin is the largest organ of the body and the most visible. It’s vital to our sense of well-being. Beyond the range of life issues we may all encounter, people living with visible difference face a daily challenge in the unpredictable responses of others.

Some skin diseases involve other bodily systems. Some are life-limiting or disabling.  Some are inherited, adding an extra layer of complexity to family relationships.

Why psychotherapy?

There is no magic cure for many skin diseases, but time and space with a trained listener may help in coming to terms with their impact and living life to the full.

What to expect?

You will be offered an initial meeting of up to an hour and a half to form a picture of your reasons for coming and establish whether you are likely to benefit from this approach.  If so, a series of regular sessions will be agreed. If psychotherapy seems less likely to be helpful, alternatives will be discussed, including onward referral options.

Our specialist Mrs Kate Moss has special interests in psychoanalysis, professional resilience, disability and visible difference, generational transmission of trauma, skin diseases and institutional dynamics.

Mrs Kate Moss provides treatment for

  • Individual psychoanalytic psychotherapy for adults and adolescents
  • Assessment and onward referral

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Tel: 020 7188 7841 (confidential answerphone)


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