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A history of research excellence

We wouldn’t be able to help you as well as we do without a long history of research excellence. As part of the world-renowned Guy’s and St Thomas’ Trust, the ACU can access a wealth of cutting-edge research to improve your chances of conceiving.

This is just one of the research projects we’re involved in:

The derivation of research and clinical grade stem cell lines

When an embryo has developed correctly for five days, we can see a collection of stem cells in its structure. Our laboratory researchers are studying them to find out more about certain diseases and to develop treatments for them. Stem cells can be kept indefinitely in a stem cell bank. The Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority (HFEA) has granted us a licence for this project on the condition that a sample of any stem cells created goes into the UK Stem Cell Bank. It means the stem cells will be available for other researchers to access, if their research is approved.

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