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Paying for your own treatment

We offer a range of funding options for IVF and other treatment cycles at the ACU, starting from as little as £3,500.

We don’t want you to worry about any hidden costs, so our prices are inclusive and transparent. You do not pay anything extra for additional monitoring you may require during your treatment with us.

If you are not eligible for NHS treatment, and are considering paying for treatment yourself, the ACU has its own eligibility criteria:

  • treatment age limit – 50 years
  • weight (BMI) – less than 35.

This criteria is supported by evidence-based medical practice designed to maximise your chances of success. We will not put you through unnecessarily expensive, invasive and stressful treatments if we believe they are highly unlikely to succeed.

Call our customer services team on 020 7188 2300 for further information on our eligibility criteria.

Self-funding treatment options

You have two options for funding your treatment:

  • self-funded treatment
  • consultant-led personalised care.

You’ll receive the same levels of care with either option.

Affordable self-funding

Our prices are fixed and include all appointments, scans and tests, with no hidden fees or charges. We operate seven days a week, with flexible appointment times.

Our goal is to see patents within a reasonable timeframe. However, due to a backlog created as a result of the pandemic, we may not be able to meet our preferred timeframe of one week. All our self-funded patients should be seen within 4-6 weeks.

To refer yourself as a self-funded patient, contact us to make an appointment, fill in the forms, and send or bring them on the day.

Full payment is required before you start your treatment.

Personalised consultant-led care

With privately funded consultant-led treatment, you can select which consultant you would like to deliver your care.

You’ll see your consultant at all appointments and they’ll conduct any procedures. You’ll also be given a dedicated phone number, so you can call and ask them any questions throughout your treatment.

You have complete flexibility and can plan appointments with your consultant at times to suit you. The service is available seven days a week and you can book procedures and appointments outside normal office hours and at weekends. Our personal and individual service means:

  • you do not need a GP or hospital referral
  • you can refer yourself for treatment – just contact the ACU directly
  • you can complete the forms and bring them along to your appointment.

Full payment is required before you start your treatment.

Price lists

ACU personalised care price list 

ACU personalised care using donor sperm or eggs

ACU self-funding price list

ACU self-funding using donor sperm or eggs

Call our customer services team on 020 7188 2300 to book an appointment or email

Treatment prices are a guide for the initial consultation and our fixed price packages which include pre-assessment, procedure and aftercare. Your consultant will be able to discuss your treatment costs at your consultation, after which a quote for your fixed price package will be provided (subject to results of any pre-assessment tests).

Please note, full payment is required before treatment commences and you will then receive your medication.

Prices can be subject to change and consultants’ fees for consultations vary.

Medication charges

 Please note that medication costs are not included in the treatment package.

Third party fertility care

In exceptional circumstances we may partner with a third party to complete your treatment plan. Please rest assured that you will be fully informed of this and that we are dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety with external providers.

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