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Referrals from GPs and clinicians

We accept referrals for patients for investigations for sub-fertility into our reproductive medicine clinic or directly into the ACU if it is clear they need IVF. Referrers are requested to complete a fertility referral form which our senior doctors will then vet.

We offer a full range of treatments from ovulation induction to IVF and ICSI.

When referring a patient please provide the following:

  • name, date of birth and address
  • body mass index (BMI)
  • partner’s name, date of birth and address
  • information on cycles (regularity)
  • length of time trying to conceive
  • known fertility problems
  • oestradiol levels
  • FSH/LH OR AMH blood to be taken between day two and five of the menstrual cycle
  • Rubella status
  • haemoglobin and electrophoresis (where appropriate)
  • semen analysis (if available)
  • pelvic ultrasound scan report (if completed).

We require an outline of the fertility problems, complete investigations on both partners plus hard copies of the results included in the referral.

Once we receive the referral, patients will be offered an appointment.

Additional investigations such as HSG/HYCOSY will be requested.

If IVF is indicated and the patient is eligible for funding, they will be offered an appointment in the ACU.

We also offer treatment on a self-funding or personalised care basis to those who do not fulfil the CCG eligibility criteria for NHS funded treatment.

All referrals will be checked against eligibility criteria for NHS funding in line with the patient’s Clinical Commissioning Group. The criteria vary and you must confirm with your CCG, as there are differences in number of cycles funded.

Criteria may include:

  • age between 23-40 (some CCGs up to 43)
  • number of cycles 1-3
  • female partner BMI <30
  • no previous sterilisation of either partner
  • both partners non-smoking
  • if a clear diagnosis there is no time delay, however for unexplained infertility time of trying can vary from one to three years depending on CCG
  • duration of unexplained fertility one to three years or diagnosed male/female factor infertility
  • no existing children in current relationship (most will not fund if either partner also has children from a previous relationship)
  • some CCGs have specific hormone criteria
  • number of previous NHS and private cycles are also taken into account.

Contact details

Please contact your local clinical commissioning team for the full policy.

For advice, please contact our referral specialists:

T: 020 7188 2300


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