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Booking and referral process

Self-funding IVF and fertility treatment

You can refer yourself directly to the ACU if you are funding your own treatment. You do not have to wait for a referral from your doctor. We have two funding options:

  • self-funded treatment
  • consultant-led personalised care.

To book an appointment, complete the infertility referral form and email it to

Please complete the ACU self-referral form to make an appointment.

NHS IVF and other funded treatments

To apply for NHS IVF and other treatment funding, you will need to be referred to the ACU through your GP or hospital.

See our pricing and funding options for information on the cost of IVF and eligibility criteria for NHS funded treatment.

Contact our customer services team for further information:

T: 020 7188 2300


Due to high demand for our fertility services we now have a waiting list. Please be assured that we are doing our best to see our patients as soon as possible to start their journey to parenthood. Our team will advise you on an estimated timeframe for the delivery of your fertility care. We look forward to welcoming you to our Assisted Conception Unit and support you in your desire to have a baby.

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