International nurses day 2022

International nurses day 2022

International nurses day is a time dedicated to recognising the difference nursing staff make to patients’ lives, the healthcare industry and society in general. Celebrated around the world on 12 May, this year we marked the occasion by hearing from our nurses direct about their experiences and thoughts on nursing. We are so grateful for our amazing team of nurses, past and present, and truly appreciate all their efforts in making our private patient services the best they can be.

Jojie Cabalan is a ward sister and manager of our private adult inpatient unit Howard Ward.

What is the best thing about being a nurse?

The best thing about a nurse for me is seeing the patient I have cared for go home with their family. Knowing that they are now well enough to go home and hearing them say thank you is the best feeling in the world.

As a manager, another best thing is seeing my staff progress and being recognised for their hard work. That really makes me happy, and I know I’ve done my job well supporting their professional growth and development, getting to show off their achievements and recognising the impact that I had in contributing to their career. It’s an awesome feeling.

What made you want to get into nursing?

My father really influenced my decision to be a nurse. Growing up my sister had cerebral palsy and a big part of my childhood involved taking care of her, helping my mum in feeding, washing and dressing her showed me how important my core values of care and compassion are. My father said these combining these qualities with nursing would help take me anywhere and he was right. They have guided me through my career and the challenges I have faces along the way, like adapting to nursing in different countries, coming to live in England and becoming a nurse manager.

What would you say to others wanting to pursue nursing?

It is a noble and rewarding profession. You meet different people from all walks of life and it’s a privilege to get to care for them all. There are a lot of challenges but the successes outweigh them all. When you find the right path for you whether that be a nurse educator, nurse specialist, clinical nurse or in senior leadership roles you will just fly.