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Dr Nordeen Bouhadiba

Consultant paediatric and neonatal surgeon

Nordeen Bouhadiba is fascinated about surgery in general and paediatric surgery specifically. His extensive training…

Mr Alireza S. Keshtgar

Consultant paediatric and neonatal surgeon

Mr Alireza Safaei Keshtgar has been a full time consultant neonatal and paediatric surgeon at…

Dr Rahul R Singh

Consultant paediatric and neonatal neurologist

Dr Rahul R Singh is a consultant paediatric neurologist, with expertise in managing children with…

Dr Tim Watts

Consultant neonatologist

Tim Watts has been consultant neonatologist at Evelina London since 2001. He also provides clinical…

Mr Iain Yardley

Consultant neonatal and paediatric surgeon

Mr Iain Yardley was appointed as a consultant surgeon at Evelina London Children’s Hospital in…